Nirvana is a spiritual state, free from suffering and changes. It takes place at a very advanced level of materialization. Nirvana is an island, shelter, escape and purpose. It is achieved through the work of the mind along with giving up karma. Nirvana connects Buddhists with death.

In Buddhism, nirvana is freed from the cycle of birth and death, it is an unconditioned state of mind. A person who has achieved nirvana freed himself from the suffering that is rooted in the lack of knowledge. Then, there are no stains and corresponding karma, and after death there is no next incarnation. Often nirvana is mistakenly referred as „extinction”, however it really means „enlightenment”. It is the total liberation from all worldly desires.

Paths to achieve nirvana :

1.     Appropriate  view.

2.     Appropriate thinking (free from greed, unkindness).

3.     Appropriate speech (no gossip, lies).

4.     Appropriate behavior (no theft, murder).

5.     Appropriate way of earning money.

6.     Appropriate aspirations (support good, removing evil).

7.     Appropriate attention.

8.     Appropriate concentration (meditation).

Nirvana is also a „state of perfect bliss achieved by the soul” or climbing to the upper floors of self-awareness.